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Over the past couple of years, has surged in popularity among marketers, serving as a comprehensive solution for funnel building, email marketing, eliminating the need for multiple Independent Marketing Tools . Its free plan, offering exceptional value, particularly appeals to new marketers who may be getting started with limited funds.
Positioned as a viable alternative to established platforms like ClickFunnels and Kajabi, raises a pivotalquestion for savvy marketers:

“Is it better to go with rather than third-party tools such as OptimizePress or ConvertKit?”

To give an honest and comprehensive answer to this question, it’s vital we examine the core differences between and independent tools, considering factors like specialization, budget constraints, income levels, technical proficiency, and specific marketing objectives.

Specialization vs. Generalization: Understanding Your Marketing Tool Needs operates as a ‘generalist’ platform, bundling an host of integrated tools in one dashboard to fulfill diverse marketing requirements efficiently.

Whether it’s creating sales pages, managing email lists, or developing blogs, offers a versatile toolkit, most of which is accessible even on its free plan for life option.

However, when compared to specialized tools like Astra for WordPress themes, OptimizePress for page building, or ConvertKit for email marketing, may fall short in delivering the depth of features and customization options.

Specialist tools excel in their respective areas, focusing solely on perfecting a single function.

While provides a jack-of-all-trades solution, its features may not match the calibre of individual third-party tools.

Budget Considerations: Weighing Costs and benefits

Most newbies often face financial constraints and must prioritize choices with care. With’s ‘Startup’ plan priced at $27 per month, it presents a comparatively stunning low cost option.
In contrast, opting to go with separate tools entails additional expenses; for instance, the Astra theme requires an annual payment of $59, OptimizePress costs $199 per year and ConvertKit alone demands a monthly fee of $29, exceeding the cost of a subscription.
When factoring in ancillary expenses like hosting, file storage, additional plugins etc, the cumulative costs escalate rapidly, which are soon felt if little or no online income is being generated. Many internet marketing newbies have unexpectedly fallen rapidly into debt through not fully realising the unseen costs.
For aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to bootstrap their online ventures, definitely emerges as the most financially prudent choice.’s pricing tiers make it the compelling option for budget-conscious marketers seeking comprehensive functionalities without breaking the bank.
Income Levels: Tailoring Solutions to Financial Capacity
There’s a saying, “Money makes money” – and to some extent, this is true. Marketers generating substantial revenue might opt for specialized tools with advanced features, despite higher costs, to enhance their operational efficiency.

Let’s consider a scenario where you’re generating $5k monthly from your online endeavours. With a steady income stream, you might contemplate investing in hosting your courses and having a community on, which comes with a $99 monthly fee. This expenditure seems reasonable as it constitutes only a fraction of your earnings.

However, if your monthly income fluctuates between $10 and $300, subscribing to Skool becomes a pricier proposition and to many a bit of a gamble. In such cases, sporadic sales or limited revenue fail to justify the ongoing expense. Therefore, your monthly online income plays a pivotal role in determining whether to opt for, third-party tools, or a combination of both.

For instance, you might decide to only use for crafting sales pages, building funnels and hosting webinars, while employing Astra for your blog and leveraging ConvertKit for email marketing. This strategic amalgamation of different tools would allow you to capitalize on their unique strengths.

Undoubtedly, having more financial resources means greater flexibility in selecting the tools that best align with your online business objectives.

Technical Skills As A Marketer: Simplifying Integration and Usage

How tech-savvy are you?
The complexity of integrating and managing multiple tools poses a significant challenge for marketers, particularly those lacking technical expertise. Tech issues stump countless newbies. For them, is hands down the best option.
Since everything is on one platform and integrates smoothly, there won’t be compatibility issues. You won’t need to get all the different 3rd party tools working smoothly with each other. is a godsend for the tech-challenged. As you progress online and improve your tech skills, you’ll be able to get different tools and figure them out as you go through the learning curve.
But when you’re starting off, KIS – Keep It Simple. Choose as your platform.

Marketing Objectives: Matching Marketing Tools to Strategic Goals

One vital question you must ask yourself is – “What am I trying to do online?”
If you’re purely interested in blogging, is not for you. You’re better off choosing WordPress or other platforms which offer more versatility for creating complex blogs.
If ecommerce is your line, Shopify is a better platform to build your store on. It’s designed for specifically for selling goods.
However, if you’re marketing infoproducts and are focussing on sales pages and funnels, is absolutely your best and most economical choice.
If affiliate marketing is your field and you use YouTube to drive traffic to your review pages, you can quickly and easily publish these review pages on a simple blog on

Do you run webinars to promote your high-ticket products? – Systeme has all you need for for that too.

Conclusion: Navigating the Marketing Tool Landscape for Success

Being crystal clear about your marketing objectives will help you decide if Systeme is right for you… or if you should use some other tool.
It’s horses for courses here. It all depends on your needs, income, budget, experience, and what your goals are online.

If you are a complete newbie is your best option as a great library of tutorials is provided and they even offer a free certification course.

For most people, is the ultimate all-in-one platform they’ll need to build a 5, 6, even 7-figure income online. For the rest, you can look at the other tools mentioned here and decide.

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To your online success!